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Anne Kissack, MA, LPC

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Anne is a Licensed Professional Counselor here in Connecticut. She graduated from Lesley University in Cambridge Massachusetts in 2016 with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. She has nearly 15 years of experience working with high risk populations experiencing a variety of issues in residential, community, and judicial settings. 


Her clients are seeking a safe space to be their authentic selves. Daily life with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, difficult relationships or addiction does not have to be experienced alone. She is here to support, guide, and help you on your healing journey. Exploration of the past is critical to therapeutic change for your future. 

Anne's approach stems from the psychodynamic framework by addressing your past experiences and how those patterns will continue to affect your present day and future if change is not implemented. Anne is direct while also being supportive and empathetic. Her hope is to reduce feelings of guilt and shame and help reframe your experiences without judgement. 

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