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Anthony Eldridge-Rogers,FRSA,CPRWC

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I have been working to assist people recover from addiction and substance use and associated behavioral health challenges for over 4 decades.

I have been a part of many, many peoples successes and know that almost anyone can find and develop the ability to change their lives for the better.

My practice is centered on a holistic, person centered approach to the change process as it relates to overcoming life challenges and illness with an emphasis on finding and living a life of personal meaning.

I work with private individuals, couples, parents and families as well as for organizations, engaging with leaders, managers, groups and teams

I also specialize in working with men, facilitating men's groups and with young people over 18 years looking to get their lives on track.

I am a graduate of The Co-Active Training Institute and Certified Practitioner of Co-Active Coaching (CPCC) in the US and a Internationally Certified Professional Recovery & Wellness Coach (ICPRWC-S).

In my work I draw on a variety of frameworks and approaches including Coaching Psychology, Meaning Centered Coaching, Transtheoretical Model, CBT coaching, Health Optimisation and Self leadership and Creativity Coaching.

I have the following professional memberships: 

Association for Coaching

European Mentoring & Coaching Council

International Recovery & Wellness Certification Board

Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts UK

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