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Hunter Mayhew, LADC, LMSW

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My name is Hunter Mayhew and I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor as well as a Licensed Social Worker; I have worked in the field of substance use and mental health care for the last eight years.  I obtained my Master of Social Work graduate degree from Southern Connecticut State University.  Through years of clinical practice at Inpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, Medication Assisted Recovery (MAR) programs and outpatient programs, I have cultivated training, knowledge and experience in helping individuals seeking treatment for co-occurring disorders.


My approach to therapy prioritizes authenticity, person centered treatment and aims to build a strong therapeutic relationship that promotes a comfortable and safe environment.  Addiction and mental health challenges can feel overwhelming and sometimes insurmountable.  However, with the right help and support a person can identify important goals, not just related to treatment but related to their lives, and then reach them.  Therapy is not about making a diagnosis but about identifying frustrating symptoms, finding ways to reduce or manage them and building an improved quality of life that every person deserves.    


My goal is to help you reach your goals, which may include healing from trauma, addressing challenges related to substance use or reducing debilitating mental health symptoms.  Oftentimes, these factors overlap and having a specialist experienced in working with all of those issues make therapy more comfortable, leads to better treatment outcomes and can help individuals grow in ways that lead to happier lives, lasting healing and a substantially better quality of life.  


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