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Meet Marshall

Therapist and Coach at CTACC

As a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor since 2005, I offer help and hope to individual clients, couples and families impacted by substance use and co-occurring disorders. I provide individual and group sessions that are individually designed to create a safe, helpful and compassionate environment that encourages the exploration of issues relate to addiction recovery and development of effective strategies and skills to improve health and wellness.

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The Journey Towards Health, Wellness & Recovery Begins with you. Start Your Journey Today.

In-Office client testimonial

“Marshall allowed me a safe, non-judgmental space where I felt comfortable to open up about what I was going through which felt overwhelming at times. I was able to process and deal with my trauma and domestic violence issues with no judgment” & “I really looked forward to our sessions every week"

32-year-old mother of 3 children from Torrington, CT

In-Office client testimonial

“Marshall helped me tremendously with my alcohol addiction and helped me to realize that I was not broken and I had the power within me to change” & “He guided me and coached me throughout my recovery...identifying route causes and triggers and helped me to identify for myself how to manage and control things within me”

58-year-old veteran and father of 2 children from Bristol, CT

Telehealth client testimonial

“During our time together, Marshall helped me acknowledge a difficult family history centered around addiction and domestic abuse. It was through his guidance as a therapist that I was able to better understand my traumatic upbringing and forge a greater understanding of my own identity. I left his care with a newfound sense of confidence that has allowed me to better adjust to a path that will lead to a normal life.”

28-year-old graduate student from Hamden, CT

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